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Patron: Kate Adie: OBE

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Since its early years, the Society has moved on. However, more than fifty years later, we still make up an informal cultural community in the North East, recognised as such in the region. We are nonreligious and non-political, but through our own individual and personal backgrounds and interests, and in our programme, we express views that are recognisably "Scandinavian". We believe that through our programme we contribute to the cultural and social life of the North East.

Our main activity is our annual programme of events, put together by the Society’s governing body, the General Committee. In addition to the honorary officers, the general Committee seeks to represent both the UK and Scandinavian countries.

The long history of Anglo-Scandinavian links

The arrival of the Vikings at Lindisfarne on 7 June 793 may not have been the first meeting of Scandinavians and North Easterners - traders could have arrived before then and certainly did arrive many times since. The links between the North East and Scandinavia were always close.

To many west Norwegians, Great Britain was more accessible than eastern Norway, and to many Faroese fishermen, the north of the British Isles was the place to shop. To this day, Swedes, Norwegains and Icelanders are frequent visitors to our shopping centres.

Over the centuries, trades routes have linked the "Anglo-Scandinavian" nation. Norwegian props for the coal-mines, fish, butter, bacon, cattle and coal were traded. sometimes people decided to settle. Newcastle had a 'Hotel Norge' (now the 'Northumbria') and during World War Two, thousands of Danish merchant seamen were based here. Not so long ago, you could even take a degree in Scandinavian studies in Newcastle.

The links are still strong. Join us today and help us celebrate them.

Our members are kept up to date through newsletters and mailings. We welcome anybody with an Interest in Scandinavia. To help us carry out our activities, we charge a modest annual fee.

Subscriptions: September 2012 - September 2013

Ordinary Members £11 single; £16 couple

Juniors/Students £5

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